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In an ever-changing and constantly evolving landscape of shifting candidate demands. Having a company that understands the talent mindset and will focus the hiring process on identifying long-term solutions is essential. TalentPool search not only works on a discrete and confidential basis. We work on the idea that there is a right fit for your needs, and an ideal solution to your hiring dilemma.

We have refined a process to evaluate the marketplace and identify the most elusive and highest caliber talent. We ascertain the motivations that drive top tier talent and identify the correct company cultural matches that will result in continued success. We have developed a finely tuned process for recruiting, screening, and evaluating candidates that has led to our award-winning success as a leader in executive recruitment. Our partnerships with companies and organizations nationwide have led to a thorough understanding of their goals, culture, and vision. We are committed to recruiting the right professionals for every position, one at a time.

The elements of our proven process include:

Our Global Recruitment Scope

Your role may be located here or somewhere else in the world. We have had experience placing candidates all over the world and look forward to the challenge of finding your next employee. Our networking capabilities and extensive industry knowledge let us reach out to locate qualified, available candidates wherever they may be.

Our Candidate Screening Process

Screening potential candidates is a crucial task. Our seasoned recruiters have the expertise and experience needed to effectively screen candidates to assure you of their integrity, leadership experience, and other factors. Working with your precise criteria, we’ll present only candidates that match your needs and requirements.

Understanding Your Recruiting Needs

When you contact us about your need for an executive or place a Search with us, we will take all the time and care necessary to determine your exact criteria, not only in terms of qualifications and experience, but to include compatibility with your corporate culture and goals. The more we know, the better able we’ll be to provide candidates who match your needs exactly. Since we are involved in the industry on a daily basis we can also assist you in establishing the criteria for these crucial positions.

Recruiting Proven Leaders

With your goals and criteria in hand, we can begin the process of locating and recruiting qualified, established executives with experience in your industry, a proven history of successful leadership, and other characteristics that make them a good match for your organization. Working through our extensive nationwide network, along with our database of executives known to us, we will seek out and recruit potential candidates. In addition, we may list your position on our website and in other venues to find additional potential candidates. We will leave no resource untapped when identifying talent for our clients.

Screening & Interviewing Candidates

Armed with your criteria and preferences, we will screen potential candidates and interview them. Our recruiting team has the long experience needed to conduct these interviews in a way that hones in on the exact characteristics you are seeking.

Selecting Appropriate Candidates

Creating a short list of carefully matched candidates for your executive position takes special care and a thorough understanding of your criteria and industry. From the group of thoroughly vetted initial applicants, our executive specialists will select a list of those best qualified and most precisely matching your needs. Each of those candidates will very likely be a great fit for your position.

Presenting Candidates & Facilitating the Hiring Process

We will present our short list of candidates to you. We will work with you to arrange interviews, make introductions, and help in every way possible to make your final selection a successful one. Our constant goal is to achieve a successful match, in an efficient, timely manner that exceeds your expectations.

Thorough Communications

As the selection process proceeds, we will inform you on a regular basis of its progress, and will always be available to discuss any issue that may arise and to respond to your inquiries quickly and completely. At our firm, cooperation and communications are keys to performance.

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