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  • The goal in the interview is not for you to land the position. It’s to identify if the opportunity is the right fit for you. The only way to discover this is for you to interview the company. Our approach is the consultative interview Approach. We call it pooling in essence when concepts and ideas come together in one place in the interview.
  • Know what’s on your resume
  • Know what you were responsible for and what the results were.
  • You should lead the interview by being inquisitive. When you have the opportunity to discuss the role with the Hiring manager or Human Resources you should try to understand what they want in the role, what they think the right candidate should be doing, what the major responsibilities are. You should spend most of the time asking questions about every aspect of
  • Never discuss compensation in first interview.
  • Never cast a negative light on your previous employer keep the interview positive. This is not the time for you to complain about what you should have had or how you were treated. If you want to air any dirty laundry do it with your friends and not in the interview process.

When we move forward in the interviewing process one of our recruiters will reach out to you directly to give you a detailed interview preparation.